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Dance stick       

Is a stick game is logging a phenomena popular in Upper Egypt, which symbolizes in its entirety to the same value; a folk hero Son of the Nile in the face of challenge and victory is not for the same but for the entire community has emerged this sport Kmbarzp stick and sport rough brave, spread among all classes of people, then turned over the centuries among the upper classes of the people to the fencing. I then spread the game among the peasants in the countryside and Lower Egypt.

Dance Skirt  

Dance girl dance skirt is the mystical origins, and received a dance skirt
Popular and widely between Arab and foreign tourists destined for Egypt, both as
Seeks a lot of young people in Egypt to learn this dance, which has become today weather
Whatever the celebration of the rites performed in many occasions. Skirt dance rhythm
Performed collectively circular movements, stems from the sense of a Sufi Muslim
Philosophical basis of the opinion that the movement Mwduha in the universe starts from a point when Ttanthi
The same point and therefore reflect this concept in the circular movements comes Rqsthm
As if they were drawing the aurorae Ersgun the belief pant and pant as if they were
Drenched planets in space, made this dance from Turkey since the third century
Century and some studies suggest that the Turkish philosopher and mystic poet Jalal
Rumi is the first dance of the feet or Whirling Dervishes

A dance
I miss them a spiritual circular dance skirt which Egypt is famous for and incorporated
Festive tradition. Dance is often accompanied by prayers or praise or Owalzkr
Mooel popular and have performed spin but not just because of rotation, but because
Dancer wants to reach the stage of the sublime spiritual serenity. Still dance
Skirt and faithful to the dance of the dervishes in some respects, but added her tambourine
And lantern and colors with lacy Aliqaat fast becoming the art overview
In Egypt attracts tourists and organizers of concerts

Pharaonic dance 

Pharaonic Dance:
Body language that remains .. This Maoiguenh ancient Egyptians, thus their interest in dancing was an expression of different feelings, to be deeper widely used languages.

Practiced their ability magnificent motor configuration and harmonization is required for expression of events and successive events in their lives .. And developed dance of the ancient Egyptians the beginning of the dance of religious and funerary associated with the burial of the dead and covered all the religious ceremonies and secular, too, came dances (such as the Alamo) and dance (Hathor and Isis) and other dances by some considered the nucleus of the thought of the playwright in the first picture, just as it says the world Egyptology (Drayton), then for a little stroll in the temples and paintings of the ancient Egyptians know the dance to have the most important ritual of mobility is imparted by the holiness. The dances reflect the generally versatile in how performance based on the movements of hands or arms or legs or move the center and the foot .. There are a multiplicity of musical instruments that accompany the dances Caldv and machine closer to the guitar and the other close to the lute, drum, etc., have been accompanied by dance clapping their hands or fingers Trqap

The varied forms of dance in the old state, was either accompanied by singing or music, or if they danced pure, as distinguished character of orthodox religious or funeral, but there are also some dances that were performed in the banquets of princes and kings, a dance in that period in general, the collective spirit, and not It is difficult to discern in this dance a degree of completeness, is the multiplicity of movements, both performed with hands or feet, or center, and colorful clothes and robes the head, according to the multiplicity of dances, but at the stage of Central State, has turned dance to the sport acrobatic which relied on agility significantly, at the same time taking a funeral dance forms that are more diverse and visible.


Dance sesamoid 

Sesamoid agency stringed popularity associated with the dancing folk dance as it is of machines that affect in the minds of people, and roll to Khvaya self and paid lovers art sesamoid to express what they feel it through folk dances Automatic simple characteristic, Valsmsmip not muted only, but singing to the accompaniment of dancing manly not beautiful but it shook the center of expressive movements representative characterized by simplicity and spontaneity. Art Sea was the main source of the dances associated with the Sesame with it here, we note that the dances sesamoid and the contents of the movements of expression reflect the reality of fishermen and sailors and their association with the sea and the extent affected the lives of the sea is good or bad, and shrouded from the dangers of that is reflected on the movements that accompany the playing and singing on the sesamoid.


Dance of Nubia  

Perhaps one of the most important characteristic of the Nubian folk dance that dance collective participation of men and women of all ages, and was associated with a number of these dances, planting and harvesting seasons, the most famous dances Nubian (Alorajid )

Nubian art reflects the cultural specificities of the Nubian, and includes symbols reflect the implications popular beliefs and magic. This is reflected in tattoos and wall paintings that adorn the facades of homes and entrances, as well as ornaments, beads and ornaments ornaments fronds and wicker baskets and dishes, mats and more. And often carry decorative items indications moral and magic, the sword symbolizes the heroism and courage, and suggests that the crescent and star - two symbols, nevertheless, - optimistic, and also suggests Black Cat optimistic, and the crow and the owl understanding of a symbol of doom and destruction, while the symbol flowers and roses for romance, love, the pitcher and a prayer rug Vermzan of purity and purity

There are also several other dances are interesting to the public and are often comic dances and a surprise to the public

Such as horse and dance puppet dance 

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